Training on IOS Development

Our iOS training classes can help you get off to a running start in iPhone, iPod and iPad app development. Learn from expert Objective-C developers with years of experience in Apple’s iPhone SDK and Mac OS X development tools and frameworks. You’ll be creating working iPhone and iPad Apps in class within a few, fast-paced days. You will Understand the entire iPhone Apps Development Cycle from start to end.

  • Prior ‘ANSI-C’ programming Language experience.
  • Basic object-oriented languages like C++/Java/C# is recommended.
  • Knowing Basic SQL queries can be advantage.
Used Tool

Xcode IDE-4.3 or other Higher Version, OS X v10.6 (Snow Leopard ) or other higher version.

Resource Person:
Md. Nurul Amin
Coordinator Software Training Program, Technobd Web Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd.
Who Can Participate?
Anyone can join who has the interest to work with Training on IOS Development.
Course Outline


  1. What You Will Learn
  2. iOS Platform Overview
  3. Using The iOS Dev Centre

 SECTION 2: 02. Getting Started

  1. Getting The SDK
  2. Hello iOS
  3. Understanding The Skeleton App
  4. iPhone iPad And Universal Apps
  5. Provisioning Your Device

 SECTION 3: 03. Tools Overview

  1. Xcode Overview
  2. Using Interface Builder
  3. Using The Simulator
  4. Using The Organizer
  5. Key Xcode Tips

 SECTION 4: 04. Objective-C Essentials

 SECTION 5: 05. Using The Foundation Framework

 SECTION 6: 06. View Controller

 SECTION 7: 07. Views

 SECTION 8: 08. Data Management

 SECTION 9: 09. Table Views

 SECTION 10: 10. Storyboards

 SECTION 11:11. Networking

 SECTION 12:12. Code Quality

 SECTION 13:13. iCloud

  1. Integrating With iCloud
  2. Writing To The Cloud

 SECTION 14: 14. Advance Techniques

  1. Adding Frameworks
  2. Creating Framework
  3. Creating Fat Library

 SECTION 15: 15 Conclusion

73. What's Next The Education Never Stops