3D Game Development with Blender

You want to make a game, huh?  

Many have gone before, and not all have succeeded.  

Truth is, building games is hard, especially 3D games.  But if you have the right tools and the right tour guide, the process can be relatively easy.  Building games might just be more fun than playing them!

3D gaming courses tend to come in two flavors.  Either you learn to build all your models in a 3D editor like Blender or 3DSMax but you barely get to put them in a game, or you start with a high-end powerful gaming tool like Unity or Unreal, but you can only use models made by others.

In this course, we start from the very beginning.  You'll learn how to build your own model of anything you can imagine using Blender, a powerful free tool.  There are many Blender classes out there, but most do not concentrate on building models for games, which are different than the models used in movies.  Blender is well-known as perhaps the best open-source 3D modeling package in existence.

Resource Person:
Md. Nurul Amin
Coordinator Software Training Program.

Who Can Participate?
Anyone can join who has the interest to work with 3D Game Development with Blender.
  • Recent version of Blender (2.76 or greater.)
  • any desktop operating system.
Used Tool

Blender's best-kept secret is its game engine.  Not only can you build models in Blender, you can build full-fledged games.  The game system is incredibly powerful, yet not well known. 

Course Outline
Basic 3D Modeling 5 Lectures
Building Basic Models 4 Lectures
Textures and Environments 6 Lectures
Animation 5 Lectures
Game Input 5 Lectures
Physics Fun 4 Lectures
Managing and Viewing game data 4 Lectures
Programming with Python 5 Lectures
On to games! 2 Lectures