CodeIgniter PHP Framework

Do you want to really master PHP dynamic applications and website development?

Then this course will speed up the process by allowing you to learn how to use the most popular PHP framework in the planet, "CodeIgniter".

Coding in PHP or any other language can be time consuming, especially for common tasks. Using a framework is the best way to apply common tasks, like:

  1. Security
  2. Form validation
  3. Database configurations
  4. Database queries (CRUD)

If you want to be a head of the competition and get paid more, then using a FRAMEWORK is the way to do.

High paying jobs require knowledge of frameworks, since speed and accuracy are crucial for the development team and company.

Having knowledge of using frameworks will allow you to find a hight paying job, or find a job easier than not having the skill at all.

Resource Person:
S.M Abu Sayeed
Sr. Web Application Developer.

Who Can Participate?
Anyone can join who has the interest to work with CodeIgniter PHP Framework.
  • Basic knowledge in PHP
  • Basic knowledge in WAMP/LAMP/MAMP and MySQL will be helpful
  • Learn Codeigniter correctly and get most out of it with this Codeigniter tutorial.
Used Tool
  • PHP 5.3+ (5.4 Preferred)
  • Basic OOP PHP
  • MySQL
  • Apache (enabled mod_rewrite)
Course Outline

Misc Setting Up 4 Lectures
Project: Creating The First Sections 5 Lectures
Project: Creating our first Model 4 Lectures
Project: Logging a User In 3 Lectures
Project: Registering Users 3 Lectures
Project: Refactoring to an API and Getting JavaScript Buck-Wild 3 Lectures
Advancing our Javascript Structure 5 Lectures
Creating a Reusable CRUD model 4 Lectures
Creating Notes 7 Lectures
Appearance: Twitter Bootstrap 6 Lectures
Misc 1 Lectures