Basic PHP & MySql

PHP and MySQL are incredibly powerful open source technologies that allow people to create functional websites and apps that go way beyond basic HTML. While it can seem intimidating to someone with no background in coding, working with PHP is much easier than many realize. With the right guidance and a desire to learn, most people can learn how to put together a functional web app in a few days!

In this high-impact course, We'll walks students through the creation of a functional PHP / MySQL interface from beginning to end, explaining where needed the important technical points without relying on excessive jargon. This is not an overview of complex theory, but a hands-on primer that will allow even beginners to create usable solutions quickly!

Resource Person:
S.M Abu Sayeed
Sr. Web Application Developer.

Who Can Participate?
Anyone can join who has the interest to work with Basic PHP & MySql.
  • Beginning PHP developers
  • Basic knowledge of PHP or any other programming knowledge is needed
  • The Desire To Create Cool Web Applications In PHP And MySQL
Used Tool
  • PHP 5.3+ (5.4 Preferred)
  • MySQL
  • Apache
Course Outline

Getting Started 15 Lectures
Understanding The Basics 11 Lectures
Working With Arrays 11 Lectures
Creating Control Structures: Looping And Branching 9 Lectures
Managing The Code: Functions 9 Lectures
Managing The Code: Object-Oriented Programming 9 Lectures
Managing The Code: External Libraries 7 Lectures
Managing Files 7 Lectures
Managing A MySQL Database 11 Lectures
Understanding Structured Query Language (SQL) 7 Lectures
Using PHP To Interact With A MySQL Database 8 Lectures
Using Regular Expressions 7 Lectures
Managing Email 6 Lectures
Working With Date And Time 6 Lectures
Managing Web Operations 10 Lectures
Building Web Forms 10 Lectures