Be An Expert In LOCAL SEO - Take Your SEO Skill To The Next Level

This training is jointly organized by Technobd Web Solutions Pvt. Limited & BITM

What you will learn from this training?

  •  Understand Local SEO and how to build a strong presence of your business in Local Search Results on Google Search
  •  How To Rank Your Business Locally On Google
  •  How to Build "Powerful" Links To Your Website
  •  On Page/Site SEO Factors for Local SEO
  •  Create Better Local Content For Your Business/Site
  •  Researching & Targeting Local Keywords Relevant To Your Business
  •  Understand Local SEO Ranking Factors That Impacts Your Ranking On Google
  •  Understand Competition Research & Analysis, Local Citation Building, Schema Implementation, Site Responsiveness, Customer Reviews
  •  Know how to create and manage a Google My Business listing/ Google Plus Verified Local Business Page
  •  Promoting your business through Youtube Video Marketing
  •  Develop a larger customer base through Reviews and get more business with these online customer referrals

 By the end of the course you will understand exactly what Google is looking for to rank your local business higher in search results for your industry and targeted city.

Resource Person:
Mohammad Al Amin Chowdhury
BASIS Freelancer Award Winner 2011, SEO Trainer, BITM & Technobd.

Alamin Chowdhury is an Awarded Organic & Local SEO Veteran in Bangladesh. He is a Web Marketing Expert & Consultant and a Part Time Affiliate Marketer who started his Professional Training career in the field of Internet Marketing in the year 2011. With 350+ Batches and over 7500+ Students, Alamin Chowdhury is presently serving as a LEAD TRAINER at Technobd in the area of SEO, Social Media & Affiliate Marketing.
Who Can Participate?
Anyone can join who has the interest to work with Be An Expert In LOCAL SEO - Take Your SEO Skill To The Next Level.

Who is the target audience?

Students should have a sound knowledge on the basics of Search Engine Optimization (both On-Page & Off-Page) and Social Media (Google+ and others)

Willingness to learn and commit to take action - don't just idly go through the TRAINING.

This Training Is Tailored For:

  •  Small Business/Business Owners Who Have A Physical Business Location & Want To Rank Their Website On Google with the Power of Local SEO (Business owners who serve a local customer base, e.g. shops, restaurants, fashion house) etc
  •  Consultants Who Want To Learn More About Search Engine Optimization (Local SEO)
  •  Entrepreneurs just starting out that want to create an online presence

 SEO Professionals or Digital Marketers – Who wants to fill up their knowledge or skill gap of Local SEO and want to offer Local SEO services to local clients or foreign local businesses, will certainly find this course invaluable.

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Course Outline

Introducing the course and training objective to the participants.Module 1 : Foundation Concepts On Local SEO

  Google Algorithm •    Google Semantic Search •    Google Personalized Search b.    How Local Rankings can impact your SEO: -    What are the Local Ranking Factors & how do they work •    On Page/Better Content Signals •    Quality Link Signals •    Google My Business (GMB) •    Citation Signals •    Behavior/Click Through Signals •    Review Signals •    Social Signals •    Miscellaneous  Signals -    Google Analytics Set Up -    Checking Domain & Page Authority, Trust and Citation Flow Metric of client/competitor’s website -    Checking Local Ranking position or score of client/competitor’s website c.    Why Local SEO matters? d.    Brainstorming Keywords or Targeted Phrases for your Business e.    Understanding the Elevator Pitch concept for your Local Business Task 1: Fill up the Keyword and Elevator Pitch sheet provided

Module 2 : In Depth Exploration into Local SEO

  1. b.    Understanding of Google Maps Listing – It’s importance and effectiveness discussed c.    The impact of Mobile on Local Search •    Mobile Search •    Responsive Design d.    Discussion on third-party must have tools for your Local SEO e.    Complete walkthrough to your (GMB) Google My Business Page •    Creating, managing and optimizing your My Business Page (Google+ Page) •    Getting to know how you can reclaim an already verified page if you own the business •    Dealing with multiple business location listing •    Knowing the differences between a good and a bad Google+ Page (with examples) f.    Building up Reviews for your business: -    Why Reviews Matter? -    Creating Your Review strategy •    Bottom line discussion on setting yourself up for Review success -    Encouraging your loyal customers to YELP or GOOGLE Review your business •    Resource Shared: Tip Sheet on “Reviews” -    How to respond to Negative Customer Reviews -    Understanding how joining the Official Google My Business Community can help you in the long run Module 3 : Citations Explained – How Local Citation Building Is Done
  2. -    Managing you citations properly •    Setting up your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) •    How to maintain NAP ‘Consistency’ all over the web •    Fixing NAP for wrong Citations b.    Building quality and relevant citations: -    Monitoring competitor citation -    Tool to help you do this c.    List of Top Citation Sites: Resource Shared and discussed d.    Niche specific Citation site list: Resource Shared and discussed

Module 4 : On-Page & Technical Optimization for Local SEO

Introduction to Technical SEO and best practices discussed:

•    Title Tags

•    Clean URLs

•    Duplicate Content

•    non-www to www

•    Indexable Menus

•    Logo & Images

•    Generate, Implement and Testing Schema (JSON-LD)

•    Walkthrough to Google Webmaster Tools (Google Search Console)

•    Yoast WordPress Plugin

•    Google PageSpeed Insights

Module 5 : Online Marketing of your Local Business

a.    How content marketing plays a crucial role as part of your Local SEO?

b.    Creating better Local content for your business

•    Starting your Blog/Resource page on your website

•    Types of content you can create for your audience/customers

c.    The AIDA Marketing concept and why it’s important

d.    PPC (pay per click) Marketing for your Local Business

e.    Link Building for your Local Business:

•    Understanding how Google’s Voting System works

•    Best practices explained – How to earn/build good quality links for you Local Business

•    Links from Social Media, Web 2.0s and PBNs – Do they matter? -    Using Facebook for Local SEO

•    Facebook Business Page Tip Sheet – Resource Shared -    Youtube Video Marketing for your Local Business

•    Checking your Backlink Profile

Module 6 : Career opportunity as a Local SEO Expert

 Local SEO professionals have a wide range of work opportunity both globally and locally online or offline based on team/individual skill set and work experience.  Below are some few examples:

•    Real Estate Local SEO Professional

•    Local SEO Professionals for Restaurants

•    Local SEO Expert for Medical Services

•    Fashion House Local SEO Specialist

Opportunities are endless based on your area/industry of expertise, but we are still going to have a deeper look at the following:

a.    Online Freelance Marketplace Overview in the Local SEO space

b.    Offering your Local SEO services via different Social Media or Micro Freelance Marketplaces.

c.    Finding possible prospects in the space and send them your customized offers/proposals

d.    Setting up your own Local SEO Consultancy/Agency Business