Fundamental Training on Software Testing

Collaborated Traing by BITM & Technobd

Fundamental Training on Software Testing and Quality Assurance which is designed for those fresher who wants to enter Software Engineering sector with the knowledge of Software Quality Assurance & Testing or want to start career as SQA Engineer/Software Tester. This training will help to: 

- Introduce Software Quality Assurance.

- The need of Software Testing in a Software Development Project.

- Different Software Testing Definition with its use.

- Participate to improve Software Quality.

- Understanding different methods and how to use it in different case.

- How to deal with Software Defects.

- An introduction to Automation Testing.

- Setting up an automation environment and create your automation test cases.

- An introduction to Performance Testing.

- Test Management with different risk analysis.


Resource Person:
Software Engineer- QA.

Grameen Intel Social Business LTD
Who Can Participate?
Anyone can join who has the interest to work with Fundamental Training on Software Testing.

From any background with a basic knowledge of IT & Software Engineering

Used Tool

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Course Outline

Introduction and Importance of Software Quality Assurance
Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Waterfall and Agile Management
Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)

Software Testing Principles

Suspend Criteria & Exit Criteria

Test Planning
Test Scenarios
Test Case Preparation

Boundary value analysis and equivalent partitioning.

Functional Testing Technique

System Testing

Retesting & Regression Testing

Smoke Testing and Sanity Testing

Verification vs Validation

Agile Testing

TDD (Test Driven Development)

Retesting and Regression Testing

Test Report
Bug Life Cycle

Bug Priority & Severity
Bug Reports

Bug Management Tools

Bug Leakage and Bug Release

Web Application Testing
Mobile Application Testing

Test Management (Agile Testing)

Introduction of Automation Testing- why, when and how to perform Automation Testing

Functional Automation Testing with Selenium IDE.

Providing test conditions in Selenium IDE for measuring a successful and failed test case.

Selenium Webdriver introduction, Environment Setup and writing your test cases.

Introduction of Performance Testing- why, when and how to perform Performance Testing.

Basics of performance testing with JMeter.