Laravel 5.4 with a PhotoBlog Application

This training is jointly organized by BITM and Technobd Web Solutions Pvt. Limited


Learn to develop great web applications using one of the most popular open source PHP framework. Laravel has become one of the hottest frameworks and a sought after skill for PHP developers. Its clean and elegant syntax coupled with the powerful toolkit makes it an ideal choice for modern web developers. This powerful technology boast of features such as clean routing, elegant queue library, ORM ,simple authentication and a large developer community.

You will learn to program using the latest Laravel version and will go through all the underlying concepts which make this framework so cool. This course has been designed to provide a practical training for understanding Laravel.

Resource Person:
Mian Zadid Rusdid
CTO, Liveoutsource Ltd. Liveoutsource Ltd..

Who Can Participate?
Anyone can join who has the interest to work with Laravel 5.4 with a PhotoBlog Application.

This course intends for those who have development experience with PHP but want a starting point for Laravel in a shortest possible time.

Used Tool

PHPStorm, Laragon

Course Outline

Session one (3hrs):


  1. Introduction and Course Overview.
  2. What is Laravel?
  3. Ready Laravel development environment.
  4. Laravel installation.
  5. Run the photoblog project and see what we are going to discuss
  6. Introduction to Laravel folder structure.
  7. Question and Answer session.

Session two (3hrs):


  1. What is route?
  2. Route closure, Route group, Route namespace, Route middleware, Route controller mapping.
  3. Route for photo blog.
  4. MVC Design pattern.
  5. Question and Answer session

Session three (3hrs):


  1. How does view work in Laravel.
  2. What is Blade template.
  3. How does Blade template work behind the seen.
  4. Template mastering for photoblog.
  5. Make photo blog pages layout using master template.
  6. What is view composer, view share and view creator?
  7. Question and Answer session.


Session four (3hrs):


  1. What is migration?
  2. Make migrations for photo blog.
  3. What is seeding.
  4. Review seeding for photo blog
  5. Question and Answer session.


Session five (3hrs):


  1. What is model?
  2. Use of model during seeding.
  3. Using dummy data.
  4. Dummy data seeding in photo blog database.
  5. Question and Answer session.


Session six (3hrs)


  1. What is controller?
  2. How controller interact with view.
  3. How controller interact with model.
  4. Make controllers for photo blog.
  5. Question and Answer session.


Session seven (3hrs):


  1. How to make authentication scaffolding in Laravel.
  2. How to customize authentication.
  3. Authentication using social accounts.
  4. Understand API with PhotoBlog API’s
  5. Final review on photo blog project.
  6. Question and Answer session.

Session eight (3hrs):


Workstation configuration:

  • Proessor: Intel Dual-Core E5700 3.00GHz
  • System: Gigabyte G41-M2
  • RAM: 8GB DDR3 1333MHz
  • Storage: 500GB Samsung SATA2
  • Display: 19" LCD with built-in audio
  • Network: Fully wireless LAN
  • Number of workstations: 20

Other Features:

  • Dell 1210 High-definition multimedia projector
  • Fully air-conditioned
  • Instant power backup