Training on IOS Development

Our iOS training classes can help you get off to a running start in iPhone, iPod and iPad app development. Learn from expert Objective-C developers with years of experience in Apple’s iPhone SDK and Mac OS X development tools and frameworks. You’ll be creating working iPhone and iPad Apps in class within a few, fast-paced days. You will Understand the entire iPhone Apps Development Cycle from start to end.

Resource Person:
Md. Nurul Amin
Coordinator Software Training Program.

Who Can Participate?
Anyone can join who has the interest to work with Training on IOS Development.
  • Prior ‘ANSI-C’ programming Language experience.
  • Basic object-oriented languages like C++/Java/C# is recommended.
  • Knowing Basic SQL queries can be advantage.
Used Tool

Xcode IDE-4.3 or other Higher Version, OS X v10.6 (Snow Leopard ) or other higher version.

Course Outline


  1. What You Will Learn
  2. iOS Platform Overview
  3. Using The iOS Dev Centre

 SECTION 2: 02. Getting Started

  1. Getting The SDK
  2. Hello iOS
  3. Understanding The Skeleton App
  4. iPhone iPad And Universal Apps
  5. Provisioning Your Device

 SECTION 3: 03. Tools Overview

  1. Xcode Overview
  2. Using Interface Builder
  3. Using The Simulator
  4. Using The Organizer
  5. Key Xcode Tips

 SECTION 4: 04. Objective-C Essentials

 SECTION 5: 05. Using The Foundation Framework

 SECTION 6: 06. View Controller

 SECTION 7: 07. Views

 SECTION 8: 08. Data Management

 SECTION 9: 09. Table Views

 SECTION 10: 10. Storyboards

 SECTION 11:11. Networking

 SECTION 12:12. Code Quality

 SECTION 13:13. iCloud

  1. Integrating With iCloud
  2. Writing To The Cloud

 SECTION 14: 14. Advance Techniques

  1. Adding Frameworks
  2. Creating Framework
  3. Creating Fat Library

 SECTION 15: 15 Conclusion

73. What's Next The Education Never Stops