Our Lab 

The web application and software development technology is moving forward at a lightning fast rate. As a result, the developers working in this field have to update their knowledge at a regular basis. At the same time, working with newer and faster technology also requires support of latest hardware. Technobd has kept this in mind when designing the training lab.

Training Challenges regarding Lab setup
During Training program, we found required "Lab Setup & Support" is most critical aspect of successful training program. These are the main challenges
  • Technical Lab requirements are not clear to most of the people.
  • Hired Lab hosting vendors don't have required technical knowledge to setup Lab.
  • Most of the trainers come first day of training program and trying to setup Lab which waste lots of training time.
  • Lab problems during training programs waste lots of time and frustrate candidates to focus on tight training schedule.
  • Training time is limited and candidates don't have extra time to practice Lab after training and complete Projects and assignments.
Solution: Pre-Built Lab Setup and Technical Support
We are providing complete pre-built Lab Setup and Support" services for training programs which include:
  • Providing clear/complete Lab Hardware requirement to Client or hosting vendor
  • Provide pre-built and tested Lab Virtual Images (VMWARE / VirtualBox / VM) with all required software & setups.
  • Provide online Lab setup also on Amazon, Oracle Cloud, Other Vendors.
  • Provide Lab Projects & Assignments for training programs
  • Provide Lab Support during training program
  • Providing a post training support for Lab