Video Marketing for Local Businesses

Become A Highly-Paid Lead Generation Expertwith Your Video Marketing Skills

Sell Your VideosTo The “READY MARKET”

Workshop Summary:

  1. This is a complete practical and project based workshop focused towards developing your video marketing skill and selling Lead Generation Videos to Offline Business Ownersin Top 10 profitable Local Business Niches in (USA, CANADA, UK & AUS). You will get to know and learn all the video editing technical and detailed marketing skills strategies to maximize your profit selling Live Actor Professional Voiceover (Local Business focused) Lead Generation Videos – All Set For Your Success! This Workshop Will Help You To Build Your Own Video Marketing Agency Business.
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Resource Person:
Mohammad Al Amin Chowdhury
BASIS Freelancer Award Winner 2011, SEO Trainer, BITM & Technobd.

Alamin Chowdhury is an Awarded Organic & Local SEO Veteran in Bangladesh. He is a Web Marketing Expert & Consultant and a Part Time Affiliate Marketer who started his Professional Training career in the field of Internet Marketing in the year 2011. With 250+ Batches and over 6500+ Students, Alamin Chowdhury is presently serving as a LEAD TRAINER at BITM (Basis Institute of Technology & Management) & Technobd in the area of SEO, Social Media & Affiliate Marketing.
Who Can Participate?
Anyone can join who has the interest to know the details of this opportunity

Who Can Join This Workshop? / Who is the target audience? / This Training Is Tailored For:

a) If you’re a complete NEWBIE or FRESHER –This is a MUST Workshop for you to ATTEND

b) If you’re STRUGGLINGto make money online – This Workshop Will Guarantee Your First SALE

c) If you’re already selling other Services to Local Businesses, but don’t know what else to sell – This Workshop will prepare you to develop a Sellable skillset for an already “READY MARKET”

d) Small Business or Offline Business Owners Who Have A Physical Business Location & Want To Rank Their Promo Videos On Google & Youtube with the Power Video Marketing (Business owners who serve a local customer base, e.g. shops, restaurants, fashion house, real estate, law firms, pest control, plumbing, cleaning, electricians) etc

e) Marketing Consultants Who Want To Learn More About Video SEO& Want To Provide Their Services To Local Clients/Businesses

f)  Startup Companiesjust starting out that want to create an Online Presence via Video Marketing

g) SEO Professionals or Online Marketers – Who wants to fill up their knowledge or skill gap of Video SEO and want to offer Video Marketing & RankingServices to Local clients or foreign Local Businesses, will certainly find this Workshop invaluable.

h) Anyone Who Has The Willingness to learn and commit to take action - don't just idly go through the TRAINING.

Used Tool

Video Editing Software – Even A No Brainer Can Use This Software& Get Skilled

Lead Generation Videos

Course Outline

Introducing the Workshop outline and objective to the participants

 Day 01

Module 1: Video Marketing for Local Business:


a)      What is a Local or Offline Business and why these businesses need Video Marketing?

b)      Presenting Premade 2D Animation Explainer Videos for Local Businesses

c)       Understanding why these videos are Hot Cake Marketing Content for existing & new businesses

d)      Know about Video Intro and Video Outro (Animated/Logo Opener/Talking Person) and how they work as Performance Booster in your Video Marketing Campaign.

e)      The concept of Video Background Music/Audio (Royalty Free)

f)       Understanding the concept of HD & FULL HD Videos

g)      The idea of Lower Third and why this is a Must Have element for Local Business promotional videos

h)      Adding a CTA (CALL TO ACTION) as your Video Outro

i)        The concept of Blank Video Copy or Videos with No Details or elements


Module 2: Video SEO For Local Business


Video Keyword Research – The attendees will practically learn all the solid Keyword Research technique that works for promoting Local Business videos. Our tested custom Keyword Research Template will be given to the participants, but to be Transparent our Keyword Research Technique for Local Businesses will include:


a)      Data Mining from Youtube

b)      Fetching Data from Search Marketing Campaign

c)       Social Media Activities

On-Site Video SEO – Our Tested & Proven On-Site Video SEO for Local Businesses (Practical Demonstration) will be shared with the ATEENDEES.


Off-Site Video SEO – Off-Site Video SEO technique and strategies will be discussed that will help your Videos to hold its Current/Lost Ranking.


Module 3: Video Editing Made Simple


Introducing the Video Editing Software to the participants



a)      Adjusting/Resizing the Timeline & Video Display Frame

b)      Enabling Audio Waveforms & Video Thumbnail

c)       Inserting Track to the Timeline (Audio/Video)

d)      Increase/Decrease Track View Size

e)      Timeline (Zoom-In & Zoom-Out)

f)       Playhead Splitting

g)      Adding Video/Audio/Logo/LowerThird in Timeline (using the Playlist option)


The Filtering Feature: Video & Audio Filters


a)      Adding 3D Text

b)      Video Cropping

c)       Fade In / Fade Out (LowerThird Effect)

d)      Setting Size & Position (for LowerThird or Logo)


Text: Adding Text To Your Video

Text Position

Text Color

Text Font

Text Attribute

Audio Muting from the Video

Increase/Decrease Audio Sound from Video


Exporting Your Video:


a)      Understanding The Concept Of HD & Full HD Video Resolution

b)      Knowing The Aspect Ratio of Videos.

c)       Exporting Your Video In The Right Format

d)      Learning The Conversion Technique From HD To Full HD Video






Module 4: Selling Your Videos To Clients (Part 1)


a)      Know Who Your Ideal Clients Are& How To Find Them

b)      Identify What & How Do They Want

c)       Understanding The Pricing Game

d)      Find What The Clients Do With Your Videos

e)      Know How To Communicate & Reply To Their Messages

f)       Preparing Your Proposal/Offer For Clients


SPECIAL NOTE: This Module Is Fully Marketplace Focused & Full Demonstration of ALREADY DONE Projects/Orders from Clients (Business Owners/Marketers) in different Niches will be practically shown to clear the concept of the ATTENDEES.


Module 5 : Selling Your Videos To Clients (Part 2)

The Cold Email Method Explained

a)      Introduction to Cold Emailing

b)      Is Cold Emailing Illegal or Spam

c)       How to avoid Email Spamming

d)      Cold Emailing Rules in the 1st, 2nd& 3rd Tier Countries

e)      Researching your Audience for Email prospecting

f)       The 6 Proven Parts to a Perfect Cold Email

g)      Best Time to send your Cold Email

h)      Practical understanding of different types of Cold Email Templates

i)        Practical demonstration and understanding of Cold Email Templates

j)        Knowing the Cold Email Checklist


k)      Understanding the importance of Email Follow Up system

Follow Up Email Timing:


  • Why you should do Follow Up Emails
  • Follow Up Email Timing
  • Deadline Follow Up Email
  • Checking In Deadline Follow Up Email
  • Learning from an Event Follow Up Email format
  • Upcoming Event Follow Up Email format
  • Fixing a problem Follow Up Email format
  • Content Reference Follow Up Email format
  • Congrats on your promotion Follow Up Email format
  • Congratulations Follow Up Email format
  • Interesting App or Product or Service Follow Up Email format
  • Case Study Follow Up Email format
  • Are You Still Follow Up Email format
  • Bump Follow Up Email format
  • Meeting Time Follow Up Email format
  • Find the Decision Maker Follow Up Email format
  • Get a Gift Idea Follow Up Email format
  • After Sales Call Where Prospect Said Yes Follow Up Email format


Module 6: Practical Project



In this Module, all participants of the Training Program will be given a specific project to complete based on the previous Orders that has come to us from Customers in different Niches. Attendees will have to go through the project details, understand the requirements, complete the task or project accordingly and finally proving their overall skill & performance with individual deliverables. The outcome of this session will allow us to judge the capability of the participants so we know that HE/SHE can actually SELL the Skillset learnt from this Training Program.

Session Four: What to do next and possible ways

Course Material: Handout will be provided
Refreshment: Meal will be provided at the lunch break.